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Are Emerging Technologies a Threat to Existing Careers?

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When computers came, the world was not ready. Today, computer literacy is a must-have skill.

When Internet came, the world was not ready. Today, internet literacy is a must-have skill.

When mobiles came, the world was not ready. Today, mobile literacy is a must have skill.

These disruptions didn’t happen centuries back. They are recent.

And now, we are witnessing a new technology transition. We have a name for it – the fourth industrial revolution.

This revolution stands on the foundation of the computers and the internet. These emerging technologies includes – Artificial Intelligence  & Machine Learning, Robotics, Blockchain, 3D Printing, Remote factories, IoT, Electric Mobility, Self-driving vehicles, Drones, and a many more. New technologies are popping up. They will transform the way we work.

You’ll ask, so what? How will that impact me?

Well, if you are a still young, you will see the transition happening. With new technologies will come new opportunities and disruptions. Job dynamics will change, companies will need to adapt. People will need to learn the new skills.

Youngsters will need to start learning technologies early.


Because they are going to shape the future of these technologies.

Imagine a person today who don’t know operating a phone or computer. That person will struggle to find opportunities in this world. One ought to adapt to stay relevant. The same thing will happen one or two decades later with new technologies. People with deep knowledge will get advantage while the tech-illiterate will struggle.

Think of AI. AI today can do a lot of stuff that only humans were able to do – creating art, graphics, writing, research, coming up with ideas.

Think of automation. You can automate your repetitive tasks like monthly list of items for shopping. You can automate your home system. There is now automation in medicine. Surgeries are carried by robots.

Children should know these things. If they will not, others will fool them easily because of their lack of awareness. Your child need to learn these technologies as a lot of typical easy jobs are taken away by computers and machines. Only those who will master these technologies will ace in the future careers

What’s the way forward for students?

The earlier they get updated with the latest happenings, the earlier they can choose their careers. They can either think of starting their own venture or work as consultants, or be employees in the emerging career fields.

And how’s that possible without knowing what these fields are about?

Exposure to technologies is the way. It is better to show kids what the future holds for them. School years is the best phase for such intervention. School years are the time when the brain develops rapidly, and the formation of new connections and learning skills is much easier. Children have a curiosity and capacity to learn more. Plus, knowing novel subjects gives a child hope that there is plenty of opportunities for him and he don’t need to do what he doesn’t like. Choosing careers become easy. There is clarity in deciding career inclination.

If your child wants to become an entrepreneur, what better than he starting early!

Think of Microsoft. The company became a giant as the computers went to spread across the world. Computers gave rise to giant like Microsoft, Mobiles gave rise to giant like Apple. But remember, these technologies will not be the ones with huge returns.

Today, if one has to do something that Google did then, then it would be a risky choice.

“Every moment in business happens only once. The next Bill Gates will not start an operating system. The next Larry Page won’t start a search engine. The next Mark Zuckerberg won’t start a social network company. If you are copying these people, you are not learning from them.”

Peter Thiel

Emerging tech like robotics, 3D printing, drones, blockchain, AR VR, are where the new giants will rise. But we need more leaders who would take up the challenge to move us forward in the tech domain. Where these people come from? There need to be an ecosystem that will cultivate innovation. We need to teach youngsters how to make use of technologies safely and wisely. It threatening to not update with the emerging technologies.

The more learned an individual, the opportune the live in the complex world.

How we are helping young minds with this technology transition?

About 10xTechClub

We are an Indian technology startup on a journey of building a unique skills-based program for young students. We are a science and tech lab focusing on emerging technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, VR/AR, 3D printing, Drones, IoT, Cybersecurity, and deep tech fields. 

Education could be better. We train and expose young minds in the areas of science, emerging technologies, innovation, soft skills, and develop foundational skills early in the learning journey using real-world projects and problems through our experience labs, connections with industry, academia, and domain experts.

At our offline labs, we run cohorts for 11- 20 year learners. Our collaborative class integrates emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, growth mindset, and design thinking into each learning session.

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