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Top Learning Center for K12 Students to build STEM & Computer Skills

Comprehensive programs to learn Coding, Robotics, AI, 3D Printing and 21st-century skills. Create exciting projects in our futuristic learning center and discover joyful learning!

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    STEM.org Accredited

    Beyond Screens & Scams - Authentic, In-Person Experiences Await!

    Cutting-edge tech, expert instructors, experiential learning: Give your child the 10xTechClub advantage.

    Our Teaching Philosophy – “The human brain does not learn as much by consumption as it does by creation.”

    Schooling is Vital, but NOT Enough

    Schooling not enough

    Limited practical exposure resulting in stagnation & falling behind

    Marks over Learning

    Focus on marks over learning hampers real-world readiness

    In-demand Skills

    Falls short to develop in-demand skills limiting future opportunities

    Your Child Deserves Education That

    Future Opportunities in tech

    Provides a competitive edge for enhanced future opportunities

    Right Career Choices

    Uncover their inherent potential to make the right career choices

    Real-world challenges

    Encourages innovation to prepare for real-world challenges

    Learn 10+ Technologies & Skills

    programming courses for kids

    Master coding logic and syntax

    Develop problem-solving skills

    python for kids

    Build data analysis skills

    High growth, wide applicability

    Data Science

    Develop analytical thinking

    Uncover insights from data

    Electronics for Kids

    Build and troubleshoot circuits

    Foundational skill for STEM

    IoT for school students

    Create connected devices

    Develop IoT solutions

    Robotics for kids

    Design functional robots

    Program autonomous systems

    3D Printing Course for students
    3D Printing

    Design & print 3D objects

    Understand rapid prototyping

    AI for school students
    Artificial Intelligence

    Implement AI algorithms

    Develop AI projects

    SpaceTech for school students
    Space Tech

    Learn about space systems

    Develop satellite technology

    Drone classes for kids

    Understand Drones

    Drone Programming

    Join 10xTechClub’s Premier Accelerator Program for Tech Innovation

    After-school program in 4 stages spanning 12 months


    Join the Accelerator Program

    10xTechClub Stage 1
    10xTechClub Stage 2
    10xTechClub Stage 3
    10xTechClub Stage 4

    Complete 4 stages of Certifications

    10xTC Titan

    Become a Tech Innovator

    10xTechClub Stage 1

    4 Months

    Syllabus Includes

    All of Your Curiosity


    3D Printing, Embedded Systems, Robotics, IoT


    Special Event 1

    Level Completion Certificate
    “RoboTech Apprentice”
    10xTechClub Stage 2

    3 Months

    Syllabus Includes

    Core Technologies


    Python, Jupyter Notebook, Github, Data Science


    Special Event 2

    Level Completion Certificate
    “CodeCraft Pioneer”
    10xTechClub Stage 3

    3 Months

    Syllabus Includes

    AI Technologies


    AI & ML, NLP, Computer Vision, Generative AI


    Special Event 3

    Level Completion Certificate
    “AI Champion”
    10xTechClub Stage 4

    2 Months

    Syllabus Includes

    1 Emerging Technologies


    Any 1 of – Drones | AR/VR | SpaceTech | Quantum Computing


    Grand Finale Event

    Level Completion Certificate
    “Emerging Tech Titan”

    Batch 1 & 2 running successfully

    Registrations open for 3rd Batch. Limited Seats. Apply Now.

    Applications Open for age group 12-17 years

    12 month program

    FREE – Special events worth INR 20k included

    Inquire Now to Know more

    The Premier Accelerator Program for Ambitious Students Aged 11-17

    An In-Person, weekend program to master essential 21st century skills

    Complementing Schools/ Home Schooling

    • Prepare for high-demand future careers
    • Address curriculum gaps, enriching your learning experience
    • Engage in multiple hands-on projects to build a strong portfolio
    Students learning coding at 10xTechClub

    Unparalleled Offline Exposure

    • Acquire training on real-world skills through industry mentors
    • Collaborate in our Maker Space, fostering teamwork and creativity
    • Gain confidence in navigating & utilizing various emerging technologies

    How will your child benefit

    Early years is the time when the brain develops rapidly and the ability to learn is at its peak. This early intervention to learn hard skills thus turns out to be much fruitful in long-term.

    Success of your children thus hugely depends on what they do apart from regular curriculum or exposure they get while being home schooled.

    Enter 10xTechClub. From the very start of the Premier Accelerator Program, your child will learn effective problem-solving by working on curated real-world projects, receiving continuous mentorship and coaching to enhance productivity.

    After successful completion of the Program, your child will experience exponential growth in technical, personal, social, and academic aspects.

    Your child will gain confidence in technological problem-solving abilities, paving the way for opportune future careers.

    Our Mentors & Industry Experts

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      Your Questions Answered

      Why should I choose 10xTC?

      We stand out as pioneers in in-person project-based learning for students aged 7 to 17. Our exclusive programs integrate emerging technologies, design thinking, a growth mindset, and entrepreneurship, emphasizing learning through fun and activity-based curriculum.

      What is your program structure?
      • All classes are conducted in 10xTechClub Learning Center
      • Classes conducted during after school hours and on weekends
      • Students need to physically attend the classes
      • Batch sizes vary from 1:1 to 1: 4 to 1:10 students
      • Each session is 1 hour to 3 hours (batch dependent)
      • Two type of weekly engagements: topic class + skill reinforcement class
      How do you ensure quality?

      Our curriculum development team, certified in STEM education and specific subjects, meticulously crafts top-notch curriculum and instructions while continuously assessing learning outcomes, with regular reporting to parents. Our trainers and mentors undergo a stringent selection process to ensure we have the finest educators, followed by two weeks of intensive training to deliver exceptional learning experiences.

      Is the program really necessary and would it suit my child's age?

      Our program is carefully designed for kids aged 7 to 17, ensuring age-appropriate content and activities that cater to their developmental needs. It provides a unique learning experience, exposing them to cutting-edge technologies, design thinking, and entrepreneurship, preparing them for a dynamic future.

      Will my child be able to learn these technologies in traditional school?

      While some basic concepts might be introduced in traditional schools, our specialized program offers in-depth training, comprehensive understanding, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, providing a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced tech-driven world. The hands-on experience in our Maker Space Lab and Futuristic Classroom accelerates learning and comprehension. Moreover the skills and frameworks taught by 10xTC are designed to complement the school curriculum and can help children perform better in their regular studies as they become more confident of their abilities.

      What outcomes can I expect in my child after this program?

      By program completion, students experience exponential growth in technical, personal, social, and academic aspects. Our unique project-based learning approach exposes them to emerging technologies, design thinking, entrepreneurship, and growth mindsets, enabling the discovery of their interests. They learn effective problem-solving by working on curated real-world projects, receiving continuous mentorship and coaching to enhance productivity. Ultimately, they gain confidence in their technological problem-solving abilities, paving the way for successful future careers.

      What is your refund policy?

      In case you are not satisfied with the course for whatever reason, you will receive pro-rata refund for the remaining part of the course. For more details visit Refund and Returns Policy link.

      What if I have additional questions?

      Visit additional FAQ’s here or Call Us at 9766010910

      What is your amazing Referral Club Program?

      Did you liked our program? Of course you did!

      If you think our Premier Accelerator Program is worth taking and want others in your network to join it, we’ll be delighted and obliged to give something back to you.

      Therefore we have this great Referral Club Program.

      With each new enrollment you bring, we will receive a INR 5k benefit by way of discount in Program fees for your child in the next Stage. You can bring as many referrals as you wish and we will add up this benefit for each referral that enrolls in our program.

      Success of a child hugely depends on broad early exposure to diverse topics