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How To Think Hobbies Beyond Hobbies

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You don’t want your kids to repeat the mistake you did.

You want them to be well-equipped and prepared for everything. And that’s why like you many parents enroll kids to a lot of stuff from early childhood.

It’s good that you want your kids to get exposure to multiple things early. You send them to learn music, dance, sports, trekking, and whatnot.

But what about career exposure?

In one of our blogs, we talk about how you can expose your child to multiple career avenues early. You can read it here.

Today, we will understand how co-curricular activities can build a robust foundation for your child’s future.

Co-curricular activities can include anything – sports, cultural, and upskilling.

While we call these extra-curricular, any of these activities enhances the curricular success of the student. A student who is active in sports learns about leadership, teamwork, and strategy. A student who is active in cultural learns about creativity, presentation, and ideation. A student who takes up a guitar class learns about passion, hard work, persistence

Working in any of these domains gives your child an edge over the rest.

Usually, we look at these skills as hobbies. It is good to be playful and enjoy the process, but if a child add dedication to any of these skills, he can build a career in the field. Think of Roger Federer or Tiger Woods, these professionals took interest in sports career early. Starting early has given these Greatest of All Time (GOAT) players a competitive advantage.

What about your child? Does he looks at his hobby as a career? If not, is he interested in academics? Or do you force him to do what you wish to do?(we don’t recommend that) Well, anything might be the case, it is always better to equip your child with the best possible environment to flourish.

You very well know that we cannot force our children to do what we want them to do. They resist. Instead, if we show them what is good and what is unfit for them, they accept.

It has been a trend to see many youngsters giving up sports from board exam years. Many parents sacrifice holidays to prepare their children for exams. But is it that worth? Is the nature of opportunities still the same that used to be earlier?


Things have changed a lot. We now know that India has evolved a lot in the last two decades. We now have wealth easily flowing in the economy. New startups are rising every day. New opportunities are getting created. If you are not aware of this, just look at the creator economy. Creators on social media are choosing Content Creation as a full time career. They earn a great amount of money, fan following, and respect.

With Shark Tank, the entrepreneurship ecosystem is taking trend. With movies like Dangal and Olympic Medalists like Neeraj Copra, sports is become a career field.

Media is now in everyone’s hands. In this economic affluent state, there are numerous opportunities and problems to be solved by the youth.

Will you let your child to take up the same government/corporate job or will you let him take up small career bet and live a winning life?

What is your way to expose your child be updated? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s how we do it

We at 10xTechClub expose young minds to over 15 emerging technologies.

In our experiential lab, we guide and mentor youngsters about emerging technologies. We do not teach them anything. We just nudge them to invoke their curiosity and let them find the answers.

Along with introducing your child to more than 15 technologies, we guide them in entrepreneurship, growth mindset, and design thinking. Over the span of 10 months, we equip them with the latest technology trends where they can set their foot into. This exposure benefits children in multiple ways

    • They make growth minded friends
    • They learn about career avenues
    • They learn entrepreneurship
    • They learn multiple skills including writing, public speaking, and innovation
    • They get real-time industry exposure through expert sessions and visits
    • They figure out their career trajectory and are prepared to face challenges

And the best thing is, we do this as a co-curricular.

How are you preparing your child for a bright career?

Our approach is to mentor and guide young minds. We don’t restrict them. Instead, we let them decide how big they want to grow.

At our offline labs, we run cohorts for 11- 20 year learners. Our collaborative class integrates emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, growth mindset, and design thinking into each learning session.

  Join us for a fun and exciting demo session to see what we do. Register for a free demo class happening near you –

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