7 Popular Children Newspapers for School Students in India

What is a Children Newspaper? A list of 7 popular children newspapers in India

Have you ever thought if there be a newspaper for school students? Well, to your surprise, there are! Want to know the best ones? In this blog post, we will list some of the best student newspapers that you can subscribe to and enjoy reading.

1. StudentEdge

StudentEdge is a children’s newspaper designed to generate curiosity in kids and keep them up to date with important current affairs. It is published by Ajayvision Education Pvt. Ltd., a team of IIT-IIM alumni who are passionate about improving the quality of learning in India.

StudentEdge has dedicated pages to Science, History, Geography, Computer, Moral Education, Lifestyle, Books and Movies, States News, World News, Competitions and Scholarships, etc. It also has a blog section where children can read articles about a variety of topics. The newspaper includes activities and puzzles, which will help children to learn and have fun at the same time.

The newspaper is colorful and visually appealing, which will make it more likely that children will want to read it. It covers a wide range of topics that help students develop critical thinking skills.

For Ages 6+
Content Designed for generating curiosity in Kids and keeping them up-to-date with the important Current Affairs in all fields.
Type Monthly
Cost INR 900 Annually

Student Edge- Children Newspaper in India

2. The Children’s newspaper

Despite good academics, most kids are not aware of current affairs and the world around them. This observation has been the driving force in starting this newspaper, making children who grow up knowing about their world be better prepared to face their future.

For Ages 3+
Content News along with interactive space through games, puzzles, and stories.
Type Thrice a week
Cost INR 2380 Annually

3. The Times of India Student Edition

The Times of India Student Edition is published by The Times Group, India’s largest media conglomerate. The Student Edition aims to help students stay ahead and make learning fun. It also encourages students to participate in various activities and contests that enhance their skills and knowledge. You can subscribe to The Times of India Student Edition online or through your school.

For Ages 5-12
Content Current affairs, science, technology, sports, entertainment, education, career guidance and more. It also features interactive content, puzzles, games and quizzes.

4. RobinAge

RobinAge is a bi-weekly newspaper for children aged 4 to 15 years in India. It is published by Pepper Script Publishing Pvt Ltd.

RobinAge aims to stimulate curiosity and creativity among children and help them develop a habit of reading. It also provides a platform for children to showcase their talents and achievements through its Bright Sparks section. You can subscribe to RobinAge online or through your school.

For Ages 4+
Content RobinAge covers topics such as news, general knowledge, science, environment, culture, sports, health and more. It also contains puzzles, games, comics and activities.
Type Bi-weekly
Cost INR 2100 Annually – Print+ digital

5. Young World – by The Hindu

Young World, the children supplement from The Hindu, is being launched as a complete newspaper packed with lots of fun and games to make learning exciting! Now published on Fridays, the newspaper offers children new ways to learn about science, history, entertainment and many other topics. There are also challenging quizzes, arts and craft, interactive games and more.  Enjoy hours of crosswords, interactive games, connect the dots and mull over brain teasers.

For Ages 5+
Content Columns, Stories, Puzzles, Crosswords, Games, Quizzes, and more
Type Weekly
Cost INR 349 Annually

6. Kids Age

Kids Age is the widest-read monthly newspaper for the children of Indian schools. Fun-filled activities like games, puzzles, stories, interesting articles on mathematics and science are the main attractions of our nationally acclaimed newspaper. Moreover, it provides children with opportunities to get their work published and win prizes. Kids Age has been bestowed with many prestigious awards, including ‘Limca Book of Records’, ‘India Book of Records’, ‘Asia Book of Records’, and ‘India’s Best Education Sector Magazine Award’. It has 12 Lac+ readership

For Ages ·         Seedling (3-5 years)·         Junior (6-7 years)

·         Senior (8-13 years)

Content Pictorial stories, puzzles, activity, short poems and games, articles, crafts
Type Monthly
Cost INR 895 Six MonthINR 1595 Annually

INR 2795 Two Years

Kids Age - Children Newspaper in India

7. The Curious Owl

Started in 2014, this award-winning weekly newspaper brings current affairs news to your daily conversations in a child friendly way. No matter what you are interested in, they have something for everyone.

The authors say, “The Curious Owl acts as a steppingstone to providing a seamless transition to children one day reading adult newspapers and being able to form their own well thought out opinions and critiques on what they read.”

For Ages
Content News, Current Affairs, puzzles, sudoku
Type Annual
Cost 32 issuesPrint: INR 2900

Digital: INR 800

Both: INR 3700

Curious Owl - Children Newspaper in India

That’s it.

Most newspapers have both print and digital versions. You can subscribe either online or get them delivered at your doorsteps. If your child has more appetite for reading, s/he can also take a look at top 20 magazines for children.

Advantages of Reading a Newspaper

  • Newspapers not only offer news but also provide an interactive space through games, puzzles, and stories.
  • Too much screen time can affect the brains of children in adverse ways. A non-reflective surface like paper will send fewer stimuli to your brain and you’ll be able to focus. Screens, even if you’re reading only one thing, are stimulating your brain all the time, literally programming your brain to look for a new stimulus every few seconds.

Apart from reading a newspaper, your child can also develop skills in journalism, research, writing, editing and design by participating in the school’s newspaper club.

Many schools have newspaper clubs. School newspapers are a source of inspiration, creativity and fun. They showcase the talents and achievements of students, as well as provide a platform for expressing their views and opinions.

Children newspapers typically cover local and school-related news, but they may also report on national or international news. They cover various topics such as news, sports, culture, entertainment, opinions and more. They may run advertisements catered to the student body. Children newspapers are a great way to stay updated and curious.

If your school doesn’t have a newspaper, you can take the initiative to launch one.

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