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10xTechClub Logo - Black Background

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Our Company

10xTechClub offers a unique workshop style program for young students (11 to 20 yrs) to discover their potential, learn new skills, and focus intensively on their personal development.

The club train and expose young minds in the areas of science, emerging technologies, innovation, and entrepreneurship and develop foundational skills early in the learning journey using real-world projects and problems through experiential labs, and connections with industry, academia, and domain experts.


To help youngsters discover their potential by providing right environment to solve global challenges using technology. We develop the skills, knowledge and 10x growth mindset enabling students to become changemakers to shape a better world.

Brand Tagline

Transforming Youth for Impact

Brand Values


  • Curious
  • Courage
  • Impact
  • Playfulness
  • Innovation
  • Accountable