The Top 5 In-Demand Skills by 2025

As per the World Economic forum are

Complex Problem-Solving

Critical Thinking

and Analysis

Creativity, Originality

and Initiative

Analytical Thinking

and Innovation

Active Learning and

Learning Strategies

Why STEAM Careers?

Preparing for this new economy is less about dividing

jobs between humans and machines, and more about developing

a better understanding of how humans and machine can

work together in productive ways.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics

are ESSENTITAL 21st Century Skills

Through STEAM education

students learn facts and a method of thinking

that can be applied to solve real world problems.













But How To Build These Skills?

Introducing TIGER Track

A 10-month holistic upskilling and intensive mind conditioning program

Tiger Track is a 10-month Intensive upgradation program in

Emerging Tech, Entrepreneurship, and Growth

Mindset Building.

Want your child to stands out?

We mentor every child such that they

strive to become

The Greatest of All Time.

No compromise – That’s our promise.

TIGER, at 10x Tech Club symbolizes



Growth Mindset



What’s 10X?

10x comes from the world of business growth

10x = 10 time returns on investment

We believe that with a growth mindset, anyone can

strive for 10x growth to unlock their untapped potential

How to Tap 10x GROWTH?

10x growth is not easy

It needs dedication, perseverance, and willingness to adapt.

But it is impossible to unlock potential if one does not give it a try!

Most people realize this late in life. They regret not taking steps they should’ve taken early. But what’s the point when time’s gone. An opportunity never waits for anyone. To grab it, one needs to be prepared. If not you, your kids might.

Would you like to give your champ a room

To prepare?

To explore?

To discover?

Join the Waitlist

    Today’s parents want their kids to be futuristic and independent so that youngsters

    Stay up to date with the emerging tech

    Take their own decisions

    Start their own Startup

    Become a visionary

    Unleash growth

    Upskill 10x






    Scientific trips

    Build Portfolio

    Career Mentorship

    Meet industry leaders

    Study Abroad Counselling

    International Tech Competitions

    Exclusive Network and Community

    We focus on mental conditioning of young curious minds to rise to the level of peak performer.

    By conditioning, we do not mean to teach or train them a certain way, but to guide them so that they figure out the best possible way on their own. We are here to accelerate your kid’s journey to become not an ordinary citizen, but a champion, a player, a performer, a change maker.

    Why 10X Tech Club?

    Why now?

    Don’t delay for the next session as the batches might get full soon. An you might then need to wait for a whole long year.

    The cohort starts in June and concludes the next year in May. Meanwhile, your child explore potential career avenues, unlocks growth mindset, make friends, develop discipline, build habits, and creates a portfolio.

    The earlier your kid starts, the earlier he prepares for the world. And so he enters the realm of compounding early.

    We don’t select a student based on grades. We instead look for curious and willing kids and then ensure that once the kid enters our lab, nothing ordinary left in him.

    Hurry up. Limited seats.

    The cohort of ’23 starts in June.

    Join the waitlist.

      How will this program help your child?





      Accessing and Analyzing information

      Curiosity and Imagination

      The program is strictly for

      Someone who want to build a growth mindset

      Someone who want to build business and entrepreneurship skills

      Someone who want to stay updated with the latest technologies

      Someone who want to become a peak performer through life long learning attitude

      The program is strictly NOT for

      Kids whose parents are rigidly preparing them for mediocre work

      Kids whose parents are dramatically preparing them for stereotype jobs

      Kids whose parents are forcefully preparing them for competitive exams

      Kids whose parents are unconsciously preparing them for stable fixed minded life


      Will it not be a burden for kid to put pressure to learn thing fast?

      No, we have friendly policies.

      We make learning fun and playful.

      We use collaborative environment so that the kids don’t get sidelined.

      How do you select kids for the cohort?

      If the enrollment exceeds the capacity, we test the kids by discovering their interest. Although we encourage apply for the cohort, we don’t want you to force your kids to join as it might turn out to be a burden to them. You know your kids well Bring them to our lab only if you think they might be interested. We don’t believe in academics. We believe in willingness. So, we assess kids based on their interest also.

      How many students each cohort has?

      For this year, we are running 2 cohorts. Each with only 20 seats.

      What if our kid don't get into the cohort this year?

      No worries. You can join our other courses. The good thing is, we will soon make our cohorts sessions to be accessible online. Your kid can join either the next year or even this year if we plan to launch another cohort. In such case, we will inform you through email and phone. We suggest you to kindly stay in touch by signing up for our “Pugmarks” newsletter and updates.

      How do we select youngsters for program?

      We don’t look at report cards. We expect your kid to have a keen interest in exploration and curiosity to innovate.

      What is minimum requirements for enrolling to our programs?

      The programs are best suited for youngsters of age 11 and above.

      Why this program? What are the outcomes?

      We believe every young student has great potential and wants to create a dent in the universe. There are hard problems all around that are waiting to be solved with the right application of creativity and technology. We train students to develop the right skills and mindset to use technology to solve these problems.
      Areas like Agriculture, Education, Transportation, Space Exploration, Healthcare, Sustainability, Climate Change, Pollution, Poverty, Manufacturing and many more are important with big problems to solve. We need to expose the students to these problems and help them to innovate at a young age.
      Our mission is to:
      Transform students to become young innovators and achievers. Show them how to use emerging technologies to solve Global problems.
      Help them to develop insights, skills, and mindset so they can turn every challenge into an opportunity.
      The 10xTechClub’s “TLGER Track Program” is a 10-month program with weekly sessions conducted in a hybrid mode. This program aims to train young students to create a dent in the universe. Aimed at students aged 13 to 17 (9th to 12th grade), this program prepares them in the 5 specific multidisciplinary areas (T.I.G.E.R) Technology, Innovation, Growth mindset, Entrepreneurship, and Research to become innovators and achievers. This is an ideal choice for students who want to make an impact & have a tremendous curiosity to learn about emerging technologies.
      No prior experience or knowledge is required to join this program.
      We expect about 8 hours of weekly commitment (3 hours in the experience labs on weekends and 5 hours of self-learning at home during weekdays), a desire to work hard, and have lots of fun while learning. We know this program will change the student’s outlook and prepare them for a rocking future.