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10xTechClub is an Indian technology startup on a journey of building a unique skills-based program for young students.

We teach emerging technologies and future skills to school students so that they don’t need to worry about jobs that will be dead soon.

We believe our young minds need multidisciplinary exposure to the ideas/ concepts/ mental models that are essential to their success in becoming global citizens. They need to discover their potential and develop skills for a technology-based future. That’s why we have built an offline learning centre focusing on emerging technologies like Robotics, 3D printing, AI/ML, IoT, VR/AR, Drones, Electric Mobility, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Emerging Sciences and deep tech fields.

We train and expose young minds in the areas of science, emerging technologies, innovation, and entrepreneurship which helps them develop foundational skills during school years. We give a practical exposure to students in areas not covered in school subjects. Students get exposed domain experts that help them open their minds to possibilities and discover their hidden talents.

Founder's Message

Rajesh is a tech veteran, an IIT Chennai alumnus and holds a Master in Technology (EE) and an MBA (IT & Systems).

He has over 2 and half decades of rich experience in Product Development, Platform Engineering, Operations Engineering, Team Building, and Technical Leadership in diverse domains like Software Engineering, Networking, Telecom, Embedded Systems, Automotive, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AI/ML, Data Science, Data Center Technologies, Agile Development, and others.

He believes that the future of work (and the world) will be very different from today and we need to prepare the youngsters differently if we want them to succeed. We need to build real life skills as opposed to traditional education focused on specific subjects and marks.

Our Team

Rajesh Shah - Founder - 10xTechClub

Rajesh Shah

Founder and CEO

Rajesh is an optimist and motivator. With over 25 years of diverse industry experience and a passion for continuous learning, he feels this is the right time to bring new ways of imparting technology and entrepreneurship skills to students.

Pratima Thakur - 10xTechClub

Pratima Thakur

Curriculum Lead

Pratima holds a Masters’s in Oceanography, specializing in Marine Biology. She is a STEM-certified trainer. She is passionate about teaching and supports learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Aditya Ekunkar-10xTechClub

Aditya Ekunkar

Program Facilitator & Curriculum Developer

Aditya is a graduate in computer science. He loves technology and likes to explore avenues in Robotics, Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning.

Hrishikesh Uttekar - 10xTechClub

Hrishikesh Uttekar

Creative & Operations Lead

Hrishi is a tech-savvy individual who loves pushing boundaries. He is always eager to take on challenges & is constantly on the lookout for advancements in the field and strives to stay up-to-date with the trends.

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